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One of the time consuming jobs when setting up a site is writing the website content. The content has a very important job as it is the voice of your business. A good website has content that is engaging, guides customers to do what you want them to do and it supports your SEO. 

Good website content is a must.

Our copywriting process starts with research. Once we have a good understanding of why you want a website and what you want to achieve with your site, we spend time getting to know your business and it’s personality. This helps us to write in the tone of your business.  We also spend time understanding who your customer groups are so we can ensure the content we write will be appealing to that group. For example, lets say you are marketing to male retirees. You would need to ensure that the words and tone used differed to say if you were marketing to female 20 year olds.

We then combine these insights with what we have learned in our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keyword research and start working our magic .

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