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SEO for beginners. What is it? And do I need it?

When chatting with my small business clients about SEO, I’ve noticed a general trend.   Its called “Blank Face”. And it happens

How to write content for your website

How to write content for your website Content is one of the most important elements when building a website. Sure, a design helps your brand to look

Preparing your business for a downturn

RBA predicts construction activity could start to decline Last week in the news, the Reserve Bank of Australia predicted that construction activity

Email Campaigns to engage your subscribers

Build loyalty and turn prospects into customers through your email campaigns.   In the old days, email marketing was about sending regular news

Email Marketing Tips – Getting Started

Everyone’s doing it. Here’s why email should also be part of your strategy If you’re building up your online business, you’ll no doubt be

Local Search – How To Get Your Business Ranking

You keep hearing it. There’s no denying it. Many of your potential customers search for local services online.   So you’ve got

Dance Websites designed to boost your enrolments

Owning your own dance studio allows you to do the thing that brings you so much passion, day-in-day out.  To dance. And to have the chance to ignite

You’ve become a Marriage Celebrant. What next?

When you become a marriage celebrant – you’ll  need to consider how you’ll market yourself In 2016, I got married.  Unlike some

Small business websites – removing the roadblocks

Over time we have spoken to many small business owners about their move to online. Here are some common thoughts we hear before they take the plunge.